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Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Haul Part 2

Just a small post of the stuff from Mac that my bf got me :]
There was a problem with UPS and it delayed for almost a week but I finally got it!

Briar Rose Beauty Powder and My Dark Magic Mineralize eyeshadow duo

I heard a lot of people disliking the packaging but honesty I like it, now it would be awesome if Mac came out with the Princess collection :]



Chagirl said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday!

Your boyfriend got you makeup! haha how sweet of him!

I been trying to get my hands on briar rose but every mac store i been to are sold out =[

How do you like the beauty powder so far? can you do a look using these two products?

Yuna said...

@Chagirl: Thank you! <3 hehe yeah that's the only two items I wanted from the collection :]

awww that sucks that it sold out on you, I know the online it was gone in a like a day :[ The mac counters by my house still have the powders available. The beauty powder is good, its a lot better then the old Mac beauty powders because they're a lot pigmented.