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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tutorial: Color Liners Using Eyeshadows

Here's a easy tutorial using eyeshadows as color liners. A great way to try out colorful liners without having to buy the liners.

Finish Look:

What I used:

1) A bright blue eyeshadow and a hot pink shadow, I will be using a palette I got from ebay, you can also use the famous 88 eyeshadow palette.
2) Translucent face powder or a nude eyeshadow
3) Water
4) Thin eyeliner brush, this is actually a angle paint brush that I got from a craft store


Apply eyeshadow primer all over the lid

Apply a translucent powder all over the lid to give a even skin tone color on the lids also if you have monolids this will help prevent the eyeshadow from transferring to the top lid.

dampen the brush with water, this will intensify the eyeshadow and make them into liners.

Apply both the blue on the top lid and pink on the bottom.

and Finish!

Thank you for reading!

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Mickey said...

Luv ur tutorials.Please do more.Can I request a school Eye make tutorial.

Please follow me:http://wonderland-sweet.blogspot.com/

Yuna said...

@Mickey: Hi, I actually have a post I did awhile ago on a tutorial for school looks that someone had requested a while back http://yunafashion.blogspot.com/2009/06/tutorial-everyday-wear-eyes.html I'm thinking about doing a couple of more school appropriate tutorials very soon :] Thank you for reading!