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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reusing Makeup Jars

Every time I finish a product I always save the container that I think its worth saving like glass jars that use to contain gel/cream liners, foundations, creams.. anything. I find them very useful because I can reuse the jars for other things like giving away eyeshadow pigment samples to friends and family or store things for traveling.

Heres a finish cream eyeliner

The best way to clean them out is with any makeup remover. Soap and water don't always do the trick because some makeup are waterproof.

Squeaky clean, of course clean them again with alcohol to remove bacteria before you add any product in.

I find them very useful to store my mac pigments for travel instead of bringing the full size pigment with me. I reuse my old Napoleon Perdis jar that use to contain a concealer.

Recycling old candy containers are also useful for storing anything when traveling like my cotton swabs! :]

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Maggi said...

EXACTLY! That's what I do as well. Together with keeping all kinds of bottles, boxes, cups .... lol

Reuse Reduce Recycle, for life!

Yuna said...

lol I do the same with boxes and pretty shopping bags as well! More junk in my room haha