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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bath and Body Works haul

As mention on my previous post B&BW were having a sale in their store, the only thing I really bought were hand soaps and a couple of other things since I have a lot of lotions and body washes in my stash.

The hand soaps were only $1.25 which is a peach scent, I love their foaming soaps and I usually wait for a sale to buy them.

Also purchase a bath sponge ($1.50) and a candle ($2.50??)

atm its sitting on my candle warmer making my room smell nice, I got the "Green Tea & White Pear" scent, I love it, smell just like Arizona Green Tea drink, yumm!

Everything is purchase by my own money. Any opinions that I may have expressed in this post are from my own personal experience with the product. I have no affiliation with the company that makes it and did not receive money mentioning or using it. Visit my FAQ & Disclaimer page for more info.

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