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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Red :]

I was bored this morning so I decided to play with makeup :]
Sorry no tutorial. Definitely not a everyday look unless you're bold enough to walk outside with this look haha

Red Eyeshadow: from hot topic the only place that has red eye shadow that I can get my hands on without ordering them online
Black Eyeshadow: Mac eyeshadow in Neru
White Eyeshadow: Stila shadow in moonlight
Liner: Mac Fluidline
False Lashes: I threw away the box so I'm not sure what brand but I got them at Ulta during Halloween.

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aiza said...

hi yuna!
to me, even red is such a bright color and symbol of angry, its still gorgeous.
u may see the drama in ur eyes when it's reddish...
nice!!! cant wait to try it...!

Ms.Independant said...

wow! cantek sgt!


Yuna said...

@Aiza: haha thanks! I was bored that day and red is my favorite color! :D

vicksss said...

what kind of lip gloss are you wearing?