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Monday, January 18, 2010

Makeup Bag Essentials

Besides breath mints, hand lotion, tissue etc. heres what I think every makeup junkie should have in their makeup bag. All the brands don't have to be the same as what I'm using just anything that works for you.

Heres my bag

I got this from Victoria Secret and its still my favorite bag, I've been using it for a year now and its still in great condition, its roomy, sturdy and lightweight.

What I have inside:
Picture 1

1) Q-tips: always a must to bring especially if you plan to wear eyeliner or mascara this comes in handy if you want to clean up any smudges throughout the day.
2)Blotting Sheets: to blot oils of course :] if you want a cheaper alternative tissues also work
3)Clean & Clear Persa-Gel: Acne control cream, just in case if you feel that nasty pimple coming
4) Smashbox Lipgloss: you eat, drink and talk so lipgloss tends to run out faster
5) Cetaphil Moisturizer: a sample size moisturizer in case for dry spots
6) L'oreal Eyeshadow Quad: Bring the eye shadows you wear for the day with you. I never need to touch up on my eyeshadow thanks to my E.L.F primer but just in case if the shadows fade.
7)Powder Brush: To use your pressed powder, I recommend using a retractable powder brush instead
8) Revlon Pressed Powder: To touch up on your foundation. Usually I don't touch up on my face but its good to have just in case
9) Napolean Perdis Concealer: If the concealer fades.
10) Pencil Sharpener: A must if you use pencil eyeliner.
11) Mirror: everyone needs to have that, but if your powder compact comes with a mirror then its not necessary.
12) Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer: I always have it in case if I'm running late and don't have time to put on foundation at least I can put this on on-the-go for sheer coverage
13) Eyelash Curler: If your lashes decides to uncurl lol

Picture 2

1)Eyeshadow Brush: To use the eye shadows with
2) Perfume: you may never know lol
3) Revlon Makeup remover pen: To remove smudges, its very handy to have!
4) Rimmel Mascara: For touch ups
5) Eyeliner Pencil: Its good to have if you're the type that wears eyeliner on the lower lashes
6) L'oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner: it never happens before but just in case if your liner fades
7) Lash Comb: If you ever reapply mascara and it gets clumpy this is a great tool to have with you
8) Lipstick: for touch ups because lipsticks fades the fastest.

Normally I don't do much touch ups except lipgloss and blotting oils on mid day but its great to have these items if your wearing full makeup. I forgot to add always bring lash glue if your wearing fake lashes out to clubbing or anywhere its unattractive to have your lashes hanging half way on your lid.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All products mention are purchase by own money, I did not get paid or receive commission from these brand. Visit my FAQ & Disclaimer page for more info.


jewels said...

wow that's alot of stuff.

Shao said...

Ooh, love this post! I get obsessive about what I put in my makeup bag :) I have that Revlon makeup eraser pen too! Granted, I don't carry quite as much as you - no face or eye products to touch up (except the eyeliner pencil) as I don't find a need for it. I would like a little concealer pot to carry around though, my current concealer is in a clunky tube and so not easy to use.

Yuna's Fashion Blog said...

@Jewels: lol I know I try not to carry too much but I can't seem to walk out the house without them

Yuna's Fashion Blog said...

@Shao: heheh I'm still in a search for a good concealer for this cold weather