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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 10 Pan Update

If you remember from my old post on Project 10 Pan http://yunafashion.blogspot.com/2009/08/project-10-pan.html heres my update :D

For me this was total failure! lol I admit I did bought makeup during my project 10 pan. I started in August and during August and September I did good I didn't buy any makeup but around my birthday month October I started spending and buying gifts to treat myself and thats when it started going downhill xD However I did continue using the makeup in the Project 10 Pan and didn't use any others (besides the tutorials I posted) and so far I finish not all but most of them.

As for the blush and bronzer it was still the same as before -_- I tried using it almost everyday but it doesn't seem to use up! Especially the blush theirs no dent to it and for the bronzer I don't use it heavily so I can see why its still a lot in the pan.

I'm still using them until its gone so thats going to be about maybe a year? lol I hope not!

Their are few items missing the mascara I threw away it got so dried up to the point I can't use it anymore, the lipgloss I have no clue where it went I think I lost it at work and for the cream liner I threw it away also got dried up.

This experience was hard, I will not do this again! lol good luck to everyone else whose doing it.

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