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Friday, September 4, 2009

Makeup Haul 1/4/09

Makeup Haul 1/4/09

I know i'm still under the project 10 pan but ever since I recieve this 10% coupon from Sephora in the mail saying that I am now a Sephora V.I.B (I better be, after all that money I spend there lol) and seeing that all Calvin Klein is now 50% off I thought it was a great excuse to buy makeup! xD

Luckily everything from CK was still in stock, I'm guessing the sale just started today in my nearest Sephora, I was expecting to get more but I end up buying two things, a Translucent powder and a liquid foundation.

If you visit Sephora's website you can still find a few CK items on sale but not everything is in stock on the site, its best you call your nearest Sephora to ask. I'm guessing they're clearing out all the CK makeup to replace a new brand, I hope my nearest Sephora put up Illamasqua stuff because I've been wanting to try it after seeing all the reviews and swatches!

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