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Saturday, September 5, 2009

L'oreal H.I.P Cream Liner Review

L'oreal H.I.P Cream Liner Review

This product was part of my Project 10 Pan, I don't have a picture of mines so I pulled one from google and I'll tell you why I don't have mines anymore.

I had it for almost 1 year and it pretty much got so dried up that I had to dip my brush in the product so many times and it tug my lids as I try to apply. The product also build up into clumps so I ended up tossing away the liner. As many people say is to wet your brush for smoother application but in mornings I'm always rushing so its just too much of a hassle for me. I have a Stila smudge pot and got it at around the same time as the HIP Liner and the Stila is still as soft, pretty much get what you pay for right?

Over all the liner is good when you first purchase just know that it will dry up in 1+ year unless you plan to use the liner all the time then you have no worries, the lasting power is great and its smudge-proof.

Rating 4/5
Would I buy this again?: no, I'll stick to my Stila Smudge Pot

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