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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makeup Haul

Makeup Haul 7/9/09

Bargain makeup shopping and new MAC collection

First I went to Marshall to look for any Lancome stuff on sale and I did found a couple of the waterproof eyeliner which I really like so I got two colors also lots of Hard Candy makeup and a few Model Co. cosmetics all under $6.00 bucks :D

Now for the Mac I had a Macy's giftcard from Christmas and I've been holding it for this collection, Color Craft! Why? Because of the Mineralize Skinfinish! xD

I did got one mineralize blush which is Daft Pink and all three of the original Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink, Sunny by Nature and Cheeky Bronze. I didn't get the tri-color version because I don't like the grainy texture and it didn't leave much pigmentation as the others so I left that out.

And all of my mineralize skinfinishes :D Haven't use most of them yet, until I finish the ones already open.

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