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Friday, June 12, 2009

Review: Favorite Body Lotions

Review: Favorite Body Lotions

Thought I give some reviews on my favorite body lotions.

1) Nivea Soft - Also comes in a tube. The texture is very soft its like dipping my finger in whip cream, on the skin it feels amazing and its very light, perfect for summer since it doesn't feel greasy or oily. I heard you can also put this on your face but I'm not sure if I want to because it contains Mineral Oil which cause acne for me especially my face is acne-prone, I don't want to take the risk. The scent is hard to explain but its a very light floral type scent.

2) Victoria Secret Body Butter (Secret Garden Line) - When I first saw this on the store I wasn't too sure if I want it because in the container it look stiff and not as whipped as most body butters but when I test it the texture was amazing soft! This is my most favorite body moisturizer and they have so many scents you can choose from. I picked out 3 because I can get tired of the scent (especially Victoria Secret Sprays) so I buy different ones to change them around. Another great thing is the scent is very long lasting.

3) Nivea Creme - Its very similar to Nivea Soft except I like to use this during the winter because its thicker and its best to use this product when you're out of the shower while the skin is still damp because its hard to smooth out the product when its dry. When first putting this on it may feel thick but it later sinks in and smooth out the skin.

4) Palmer's Cocoa Butter - The classic, I'm sure most of you seen/try this already. I love the velvet texture and its very inexpensive. I got the unscented because I don't like the smell of chocolate on my skin, I love chocolate but I don't want to smell like it lol.

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