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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bargain Haul June 20

Bargain Haul June 20

I stop by Bath and Body Works and CCO. My main purpose was to go to Bath and Body Works because I heard that the Kose's Sekkisei skincare stuff were %75 off so I had to try it out since its usually expensive but sadly they all sold out :[

Instead I got two body washes from C.O. Bigelow its the "Lemon Creme Body Wash" for $4.00 each original price were $15. I wasn't planning on getting this item actually, I saw this customer bought 10 of these and she saw me looking at them and told me that they were amazing so I thought why not, doesn't hurt to try. I have a lipgloss version of the Lemon Creme and its amazing. Last item I needed a face wash so I grab the "Moisture-Rich facial cleanser" also from C.O. Bigelow.

The last store was CCO and I purchase two MAC items Quick Frost pigment and Shadowy Lady Quad (Cult of Cherry Collection, which I skipped out on last year, good thing I did!).

And that is it!

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