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Monday, April 6, 2009

Makeup For Starters

Makeup For Starters

This post is for starters who is new to makeup but not sure what to get. I picked out only drugstore brands (except one product, you'll see) because for starters its good to start out cheap to see what works for you and they are good for BOGO sales too! Keep in mind that the products I reviewed are for combination type skin and that works well for me not all products work the same for everyone.

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1) "Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer" This is optional, what primer does is to help smooth out your skin, make the foundation last longer and reduce pores. This goes on before foundation.

2) "L'oreal Bare Naturale Loose Powder" Since the weather is getting warmer I love using this product, its very light on the skin with light-medium coverage and it comes with a decent brush thats good for starters who don't own brushes.

3) "E.L.F Studio blush/bronzer duo" This is a amazing product for only $3 bucks! The blush is a peachy shade which is a natural color for a blush while you can use the bronzer for contour or give yourself a summer glow. Affordable and a convenient product all in one!

4) "Jessie's Girl Bejeweled Eyeshadow #2" For starters its good to start out neutral, well thats how I started out then once I get comfortable I experiment variety of colors. This is a great quad its pigmented and its only $4.99! You can get them at www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com or RiteAid

5) "Revlon Lipgloss in Lifes a Peach" A good neutral color gloss thats not overly shimmery.

6) "Rimmel Lipstick in Airy fairy" This is a great nude lipstick its not beige that it would make you look dead but its a perfect soft mauve color that looks very natural.

7) "Jane Eyeshadow in Midnight" Everyone should own at least one black eyeshadow for that smokey eyes look or to set eyeliner with. This shadow is my favorite because its very shimmery but if you don't like shimmers try the black eyeshadow from Revlon's Matte line.

8) "Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer+highlighter" I love this concealer, it doesn't crease throughout the day and gives medium coverage and the plus side is that it comes with a highlighter!

9) "Revlon Color Stay Retractable Liner" I assume for starters they can't work with liquid like how I use to be so I picked a pencil liner. This is the best drugstore liner I ever come across, it doesn't smudge or fade as fast as other liner do.

10) "Urban Decay Primer Potion" Okay so this is not a drugstore product but I just HAD to add this here, the reason? Its a must! Especially if you have oily lids this stuff will help your shadows last all day. I think it cost around 17 bucks? But its worth the money. I have tried the L'oreal De-crease one before a while back and my shadows still crease, perhaps the formula change now since so many people raved about. For urband Decay people have complain about the packaging but you can try using Two Faced Shadow Insurance, I have not try that yet but I heard reviews that Urban Decay one is for oily lids. Meh...

11) "Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara" I got the waterproof version and its a good mascara the brush is decent size and not so huge like Lash Blast from CoverGirl.

12) "Eyelash Curler" I seen some don't curl they're lashes when they put on mascara but for me I have to.

Thanks for reading!

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