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Sunday, March 8, 2009

China Glaze Haul

China Glaze Nail Polish

After reading Pursebuzz's and Tao's (IAMGRAPE) blog it made me want to try out China Glaze Nail Polishes and I have to say I LOVE EM! I was never into nail polish because the ones I get were always the cheapy kind that chips and peel the next day after I apply them. After trying out these I threw all my old ones away! I always thought any brand nail polish is all the same, they will chip fast but I was wrong, this stuff stays on my nails for almost a week (must apply clear coat to protect of course).

I heard that China Glaze is the same company as O.P.I and it is available at Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply. I got mines at Sally's for only $3.25 each using a member's card (without the card its around $7.00). You can also get them online if you search for a even cheaper price but shipping can really throw it off =/

I only purchase 5 colors but I will get more and try out few of the fun bright colors. They have a huge range of colors but I try to control myself not to over spend =p

Colors I got from left to right: Heaven, Rich and Famous, Golden Enchantment, Exceptionally Gifted and Rainbow (Beautiful over any color polish!)

Wearing "Rich and Famous"

I recommend you try these out if you haven't!

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