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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homemade Lipgloss

Tutorial: Homemade Lipgloss

I got bored the other day and decided to make homemade lipgloss :D


A mixing cup/bowl (I end up just mixing it in my lipgloss jar), loose shimmers (Optional), Aquaphor or Vasaline, Lipgloss jar to store your lipgloss of course, blush (or eyeshadow/pigments) and some q-tips (you can also use a spoon or anything to mix your gloss).


Squeeze the Aquaphor/Vasaline to the jar or mixing bowl. I like using Aquaphor because its thicker and last longer on my lips.

Add blush. As you can see I scraped some off of my pressed powder blush, you can also use pink eyeshadow or foundation (for nude lip color). The more blush you add the more pigmentation to your lipgloss it gives.

Add shimmer. This step is optional only if you want shimmer to the gloss if your using a matte blush

Now time to mix the product, I take a q-tip and cut off the cotton part and used the stick-end to stir.

Once you finish stirring it should look like this.

Pretty awesome, yes?

It was fun so I made more =D

This is a great idea if you any old eyeshadow or blush laying around that you don't use, instead of tossing it why not make a lipgloss?

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Picasso_Esque said...

what did you use to get the very pale color on the bottom left?

Yuna said...

I use powder foundation :D