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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tutorial: Winter Blue

Tutorial: Winter Blue

Here is my attempt to do a tutorial in my room light even though I said that natural sunlight is better for my camera. I did my best to make good lighting and even use flash in my camera and it actually turn out really good! Maybe I should start doing my tutorial in my room lighting now =D

Finished Look:

What I used:

1) Eyelash curler
2) Sally Girl Shadow in "Aqua"
3) Sally Girl shadow in "Snow" (I crushed it into pigments)
4) Prestige shadow in "Indigo"
5) Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
6) Lancome waterproof liner
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) Eyeshadow brushes
13) NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "cottage cheese"
14) Bourjoris Liquid liner


I first apply NYX eye pencil over the lid and then apply a white eyeshadow on top

Apply aqua blue shadow on the outer corner to half of my lid

With a crease brush I apply a slightly darker blue on the inner corner, on top of the aqua blue

apply white or anytype of highlighting shadow color on the brow bone

Apply liner

I also apply a waterproof pencil liner on the bottom lid

Curl and mascara


Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing--very easy break down of the steps! My only concern is that when I use diff colors to layer, I end up with eyeshadow residue (light dust) under my eyes and I have to use eye make up remover to get rid of it. SO annoying. Any tips on applying powder shadow without getting it all over my face?


Yuna said...

Oh I hate when that happens too, it gets very annoying especially when I already apply foundation before eyeshadows. I'll be making a post about ways to prevent eyeshadow fallout. Thank you for reading :D