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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dislike products

Dislike Products

I'm going to do a list of products I dislike however it doesn't always means that you may not like it either. It just didn't work for me =p

On my next post it will be products I love.

"Sephora Blockbuster Palette" Every christmas sephora always bring out their pretty palette that completes the face but I have to say its not worth buying it, the shadows are not pigmented, the lip stuff aren't great and just everything else is disappointing.

"Lancome Color Design Quads or Trios" not as pigmented, I feel like I have to keep applying to get the color I want.

"L'oreal H.I.P Pigment" the texture is too grainy and not as smooth but I do love the brush it comes with its very dense and perfect size.

"Maybelline Defin-a-Line Liner" I love how its smooth to apply but it smudges and fades afterwards =/

"L'oreal H.I.P Shadow Stick" Not smooth or blendable

"L'oreal Double extend mascara" it sucks, doesn't lengthen or curl.

"Clean & Clear morning glow moisturizer" doesn't moisturize at all

"Pop beauty eye cake" I have mention this on some of my post, its not pigmented at all. When I swatch it at sephora I was using my finger so of course the color will show nicely but when I took it home and use it with a brush it was too sheer.

"Almay Touch-pad blush" It was a good thing I got this on clearance! Because it wasn't good, it was too greasy and the color barely shows.

"Maybeline great lash mascara" I can't believe this is voted as the best mascara, it sucks =[

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