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Monday, October 20, 2008

Liner problems

Liner Problems

I am a Gel/Cream liner lover, as you can tell i'm always using it on all of my tutorials and even when i'm going out however I have to retire from it =[

Recently these two months every time I wear gel/cream liners my eyes started to get watery and that tends to make my eye makeup smudge. At first I thought I was having allergies you know with the summer and all so I stop using it. When I came back to it during September I still get watery eyes! I thought maybe something wrong with the gel liners that irritate my eyes so I switch to liquid liners (the one that usually looks like a skinny nail polish) and it did the same. So I thought their was something wrong with my contacts and I even bought a different brand thinking that must of been the problem, but it still did the same, freakin watery eyes!

So I went back to pencil and wow I haven't use those in a while but guess what? My eyes were not watery when I put them on.

Perhaps maybe the chemicals in the liquid and gel/cream makes my eyes sensitive? But I have been using it for quite a while and it never happens till these recent two months! Someone explain this to me!??!

So now I can no longer use gel liners which I am very sadden by this, because I love it, it last all day without smudging like pencil does, its richly dark so it makes my eyes pop and it glides on smoothly. Bye bye love =[

But you will still see me using it in tutorials, I just can't have them on longer then an hour.

Pics of my liner collections:

Gel and Cream liners: Stila, Revlon, L'oreal, Jane and Wet n Wild

Liquid liners: Revlon, Boujouris, Kat von D (sephora) and Wet n Wild

Pencil (retractable) Liners: Boujouris, Revlon, Milani and Maybelline

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