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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Depotting loose dust

How to take out N.Y.C, Milani, L.A. colors loose shadows

This is just a demonstration on how to take out the N.Y.C, Milani or L.A. Color loose shadows thats in a container like these:

Cause its hard to control the amount of shadows you want using a brush that comes with it and its usually a crappy brush. So what I did was I take them out and put it in my own containers!

Bourjois makes similar loose shadows like those too but since I never purchase one before so i'm not sure if you can do the same method.

What you need:

Empty clear containers like these, you can buy them individually or stackable ones like I have at Micheals craft store, the one I got is from Target at the dollar section. If you still can't find them Coastalscents.com sells them as well.

x-acto knife that can be found at Micheals craft store or art supply store or any sharp and thin knife.

A sponge applicator that you don't need or something to scope extra shadows into the container.

Napkin and paper that you don't need. The paper is to cover your table so it won't be so messy, i'll mention later what you need the napkin for.

Alcohol to sanitize the container.

On to the steps!:

First wet your napkin with alcohol and wipe the container and let them dry, don't worry alcohol dissolves once it dries in the air so its safe to put the eyeshadows in.

This step is optional, if you want you can take the sticker off so you know the name of the colors and stick them to the container.

Now watch this video on how I take them out, be very careful with the knife if you want to be extra safe wear thick gloves so you won't hurt yourself.

Thanks for reading! Any questions please drop it in my comment box =]

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