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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Makeup brushes deals

Have anyone ever tried brushes from Posh? Their AMAAAAAAZING!! especially the Kabuki brush i heard so much ppl taking about how soft and good it is. I bought my first mini posh brush sets a while ago i love it so much that when i went out to get the full sizes its sold out everywhere and the ones online are expensive! (mac are expensive too but i can't afford it either)

well guess what!! theirs a coupon code i found where you type it in during your order process and get 50% off!!! I just order the whole set original for 90 bucks and with the code its only $45! and free shipping! lol now i can't wait to get it!

Code: UA123

Poshbrushes.com (click)

I don't know how long the code last, apparently theirs no expiration date?? o_O but don't wait, order now just in case xD

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