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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall Skincare Routine (2012)

It is pretty much the same as my last Summer skincare routine but a few slight changes here and there.  Usually in the fall my skin gets a bit dryer but still oily in the t-zone and occasional breakouts on the chin.

1) Target Brand Acne Cream:  After I cleanse my face I found the most effective way to prevent future acne breakouts is putting on a thin layer of acne cream on area where I breakout the most which is on my chin.  Now keep in mind that they can dry out the skin so I make sure I moisturized my skin well. 

2) Shiseido White Lucent Toner:  Before applying acne cream I apply toner, honestly this toner doesn't do much to my skin, I found other brands that does a much better job.  At the moment I try to use this up before I can more on to my favorite ones.

3) Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Serum: Love this serum, perfect for Spring and Fall when I have slightly dry skin, it really does help moisturized my face.  It's not a heavy as some serum and it feels really nice on the skin. Highly recommend, then again I recommend a lot of Naruko products in general!

4) Lancome Bienfait Multivital eye cream with SPF 28: This is not the best eye cream but eye cream with SPF should be a daily essential if you go out.  Once I'm done with this product I would like to try out other brands in the market.

5) Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer with SPF 15: Great day moisturizer, I use this all throughout summer and will continue to use it in fall but as the temperature drops into winter I will need a heavier cream as the formula in this product is very light. 

1) & 2):  Same as my morning routine.

3)Physician's Formula Hydrating Eye Cream: This is a good basic eye cream, it's in a thin gel like consistency so it feels very nice on the lower eye lids, great for warmer weather and maybe fall if you under eyes aren't dry. 

4) Alpha Hydrox Oil-Free Treament with 10% Glycolic AHA: this is more of a chemical exfoliate so I only use this before bed time and a little goes a long way.  I love this stuff it makes my skin really smooth in the morning, will definitely continue to use this in the furture.

5) Neutrogena Fresh Moisture: Unfortunately this product is discontinued but it does feels a lot like the "Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream" (Review Here).   I love the feel of this product on the skin at night, it feels very light and refreshing.

Disclaimer: I purchase everything and keep in mind that products that work for me doesn't always work for everyone, please do some research before you try out a new product.


Cake-Pie said...

This post is so nice, I like to see what skincare routine people are doing.

Do you double-cleanse?

Yuna said...

@Cake-PoeL Thank you :] and by Double-cleanse you mean to wash my face with two cleansers? I usually don't since my skin is pretty dry.