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Friday, September 14, 2012

Haul: Inglot and MUA

More neutral eyeshadows to my massive collection, as if I don't have enough lol, Inglot and MUA had sale on their website so I couldn't help it ^^;; 

My first order was from MUA, they had a 20% discount including free international shipping on their online store so I went and order 2 palettes that I've been eying on for a while.  After I order I didn't receive any confirmation or status email if they receive my payment or even send my package.  So I tried to email the company from their website (they didn't leave any phone number for me to call ) and didn't get a response for a whole week!  Until I contacted them through facebook and finally got a response.  Other then that I got both my items unbroken so that's good news lol. 

On their website they also had a 20% on all their products in their website but shipping is not included.  It took me a while getting my order ready because I don't have a Inglot store near me so I don't have a clue what each of these eyeshadows look in person and we all know that the colors on their site are not accurate at all.  I had to spend at least an hour on google looking through swatches on blogs and youtube to choose the shades I want.  So far I am very happy with my choice!

As you can see I label the shade number on the palette with a white gel pen, that way it's easier for me to see rather then trying to get the pan out.  

Some swatches, I forgot to swatch 397 but it's comparable to Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Sin".

Just like MUA, this company was also very hard to contact.  After I receive my order the shade 397 was sold out so it was back ordered.  They wrote a letter asking me if I want to wait on it or get a refund so I tried to email them saying I would like to wait on it but have my address change since I won't be home to receive it. 
Once again I got not response in the email and not even on facebook, they had a phone number on the letter so I try calling them and no one picked up all day.  When they finally did responded TWO WEEKS LATER it said they just send the item but to the old address....  -_-  Luckily my mom was able to get the package for me. 

Overall I am happy with my order, if you never order from MUA or Inglot online and thinking about purchasing just keep in mind that it's difficult to get a hold of customer service lol.

Disclaimer: I bought everything


Picasso_Esque said...

Not very good service, but beautiful shades!

Yuna said...

@Picasso_Esque: Yeah it was pretty irritating :<