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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Look (2012)

Wow took me a while to post this! Not use to the new blogger layout yet ^_^;; Hope you enjoy this tutorial

Finish Look

What I used:

  1. Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in "Muse"
  2. Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in "Strawberry"
  3. Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in "Berry"
  4. NYX Jumbo Eyepencil in "Yellow"
  5. Physician's Formula Cream Eyeliner Trio; using the brown shade
Step 1) Apply a creamy yellow base all over the lid and smooth them out with your fingers.

Step 2) With a dense eyeshadow brush, apply a pastel yellow eyeshadow over the yellow base.

 Step 3) With a crease brush, apply a coral pink shade on the outer half of the lid, blend it will with the pastel yellow shade.

Step 4) With the same crease brush from "Step 3" apply a berry shade on the outer corner.

Step 5) With a clean fluffy brush, soften any harsh lines and blend the three shades together to create a smooth gradient.

Step 6) Apply a brown liner on the lid, here I only apply the top part but you may apply the bottom as well if you want.

Step 7) With the same berry shade from "Step 4" apply it on the lower lash line.
and you're finish!
Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: everything used in this tutorial is purchase with my own money


Fanny said...

so lovely :3

Yuna said...

@Fanny: Thank you ^^

Mickey said...

Your eye makes are always beautiful.
Your just like Pony (ulzzang Pony).
Masters in eye make.

Yuna said...

@Mickey: aww thank you that means a lot to me ^^
hehe I love Pony's tutorials, she is so talented

cik raihan said...

awesome :)
love this tutorial

Yuna said...

@cik raihan: thank you reading <3