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Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Serum/Night Gelly

Price: Serum $23.50, Night Gelly $20.00
Where to Buy?: Naruko Website or Imomoko.com

I receive the Night Gelly as a sample when I order from Naruko website last month.

My Skin Type: Combo/dry, oily T-Zone, dry spots usually on my chin and occasional breakouts around the chin area as well.

What Naruko Says:
This collection is recommended for dry, dull, or sagging skin.
It contains a special formula which employs multiple ingredients that give skin a deep and efficient boost of moisture.
After daily use, your skin will feel refreshed and smooth all day long.

- Both are non-greasy and feels very refreshing on the skin
- The texture of both products feel very smooth and gel like
- Doesn't leave your skin sticky or greasy

- If you have very dry skin especially during winter these two products won't leave enough hydration on your skin you will still need a cream afterwards
- I don't mind products with the dropper packaging on serums but this one the dropper don't pick up enough of the serum
- I feel like the Night Gelly doesn't do much so if you just get the serum then it should be fine, you don't have to get both

If you have combination skin with some dryness then these will be an ideal line for you but this won't work if you have very dry skin. Like I mention in the cons you can opt-out the Night Gelly because its close to the same texture as the serum. Overall I do enjoy the two products, I like how it glides on my skin since its a gel-like consistency and it has a nice rose scent that's not too heavy.

rating: 4/5
Would I repurchase?: Yes, only the serum

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Disclaimer: I purchase the serum and the Night Gelly were a free sample when you order from Naruko's Website.

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