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Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY: Make earrings from old necklaces

If you have any old or broken jewelry never throw them away because you can reuse them to make something new again.

I have a favorite necklace I purchase from Forever 21 and unfortunately it broke within 2 days of wearing and its been sitting in my drawer for years so thought I should take it apart and make a earring out of it.

Necklace with a lot of charms like the one I have above are great to make earrings because I can make multiple pairs.


- Broken/old necklace or a bracelet that you don't mind taking apart

-a blank fish hook earrings, you can find a pack of 30 or more at any craft supply stores. I got this one at Micheals for $2.99.

- Pliers and wire cutters


Use pliers to widen the hole so you can put the charms in and close them again once you have them in

I use wire cutters to cut the smaller rings on the necklace that the charms are attach to so its easier to take them out

Remember that you can even reuse the chain as well

here are the results

you can get creative and use old cellphone charms, chandelier crystals, bracelets or anything you can find.

I use my old gloomy bear cellphone charm as earrings lol



Fanny said...

You are very creative^^

Yuna said...

@Fanny: aww thank you ^^ I give credit to this magazine I read a long time ago I forgot the name but gave me this idea :]