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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bargain Haul

Some items I purchase that were great deals

You should check out your nearest The Body Shop stores because they're having great deals on a lot of bath, makeup and skincare items.

I purchase 3 makeup items each $5, I love The Body Shop makeup and I typically only purchase them when they're on sale.

From CVS I purchase the Physician Formula Happy Booster blush in "Rose" and guess what? I only got it for $2.50! Original price $13.19. What I did was I scan my CVS card at the machine they had for CVS card members and it popped out $3.00 off with $10 beauty purchase coupon, then I had a CVS Extra Bucks coupon for $5.00 off (I got it from purchasing over $50 on their crazy CVS sales last month lol) and just so happen the blush had a $3.00 off coupon attach to the box which total $11.00 off so I end up paying $2.50!

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Crystal Luvz said...

I think I need to pop into The Body Shop and check out their makeup now!!! Thanks for letting me know about the deals!

How are you liking the Physician Formula happy Booster blush? I did purchase it a few weeks back, but I left it unopen on my desk while surfing the internet and was not able to stand the strong scent of the product and returned it! But I really really love the packaging! Ah well!

Great haul by the way!

Yuna said...

@Crystal: so far I like it, I haven't tried it on yet but I do love the color. I was expecting it to be overly shimmery but its actually not bad :D Yeah I don't like the rosy smell either I think they better off have it unscented but the packaging wins me over lol