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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style Tip: Ways to wear a plain white tee

I'm pretty sure everyone owns a white tee in their closet/drawer, not many people know that a plain t-shirt can do more then just keeping you warm underneath a sweatshirt or wearing them to bed. Heres my way of styling a white tee.

For this I'll be wearing a crew neck tee, v-necks are fine but I find that crew necks work well for every style. I like the ones that are fitted and little longer in length it looks better :]

Adding accessories: a wide belt to show curves if you have a boyish or full figure and a silver necklace.

Cardigan: Adding a sleeve or sleeveless cardigan and a long pendant necklace, very simple and easy to put on when you're in a hurry.

Over the waist skirt: Because of the gold buttons on my skirt I wanted to match my accessories as well.

Leather Jacket: Adding a biker jacket and some rings, pendant necklace can also be added.

Blazer Jacket: Because of the gold buttons on the jacket I added a layer of gold statement necklace, didn't add rings or bracelet because it might be too much going on.

Vest: added a bunch of silver and black bangles and one cocktail ring.

Overalls skirt: added some fun accessories

For work/interview: here I only wear a simple small necklace, too much accessories can be distracting.

Adding a scarf

Playing with fun colors: Underneath I wore a yellow racer-back tank and pull the white tee up little and tie them on the back. Added color accessories to give it more color.

Adding another overall dress or a ruffle tank.

Play up your white tee, theirs so many styles you can do :]

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Philline said...

wow! this is really helpful! Thanks a lot :))

Yuna said...

@philline: np, thank you for reading! :]