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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tutorial: Pink Star

Happy Easter Everyone!

Heres a little fun tutorial I did since I was bored and everything is closed today. Not your everyday kind of look but its just for fun :D

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I'm using my phone camera because my parents is still on vacation and they have my digital camera :[

Finish Look:


I will start with the star first, take any item you can find thats a shape of a star, you can even use those glow in the dark stars. Here I'm using my earring from H&M. Make sure the star is bigger then your eye, if its too small you won't be able to see the star when your lids are open. Its okay if the outline you made is not perfect, it can be fixed later.

Now outline the star. I recommend using a white eyeliner to outline because you can blend it away later, versus using the black it would be hard to clean it out, unless you plan to use dark colors on your star.

Fill in the star with a creamy eyeshadow base, which ever color base you want for your star to be, here I'm using pink because after this I will apply a pink powder eyeshadow on top. I'm using Rimmel Cream Eyeshadow.

Now apply a powder eyeshadow on top of the cream base and try to cover up the outline pencil as much as you can. I'm using a eyeshadow from Napolean Perdis.

Here is where I will clean out any uneven lines, leftover outlines and try to reshape the star a little. Using a oil-free makeup remove and Q-tips.

Apply glitter, you can use a glitter mascara or any cosmetic glitters. To make them stick I recommend using eyelash glue as a sticky base for the glitters. The glitter I'm using are from Claires :D

Apply eyeliner, you can line anyway you want, I'm doing the fish tail line at the outer corner. I'm using MAC Fluidline

Now for the other eye, I apply a creamy base once again. I'm using one from Maybelline which discontinue, any brand is fine.

Next I apply a white eyeshadow on top of the base. I'm using Stila's Moonlight eyeshadow.

Using that same pink eyeshadow from earlier I apply it on the outer corner and crease. Eyeshadow from Napolean Perdis

With a pencil brush I apply a deep purple shadow on the outer corner only. I'm using a shadow from Revlon.

This is optional, with a Q-tip clean up the bottom lid.

Apply eyeliner.

Now apply false lashes on the top and bottom. I don't own bottom lashes so I use lashes that are half cut like the ones on the right of the picture so it doesn't look over dramatic.


Thank you for reading, any questions or comments please reply on my comments :D

All items used in this tutorial is purchase by my own money. Any opinions that I may have expressed in this post are from my own personal experience with the product. I have no affiliation with these company that makes it and did not receive money mentioning or using it. Visit my FAQ & Disclaimer page for more info.


jewels said...

awesome job! its a good lady gaga look alike for Halloween.

Yuna said...

lol Thank You :D