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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Most used face brushes

I don't spend a lot of money on high-end makeup brushes because I feel like the affordable ones work the same and just as good. I am happy with my brush collection and I would never consider purchasing a expensive brushes.

Here are the face brushes I find myself using the most: (I can't remember the price on some them)

1) Forever 21 Powder Brush: I was skeptical about this until I touched the bristles its super soft! Its not densely packed but its great when using a finishing powder or if you want a light application. For around $3 bucks its amazing plus the packaging is cute! You should definitly check out some of the Forever 21 brushes and make sure to test the bristles before purchasing.

2) Ecotools Blush Brush: This blush brush is the perfect size for a blush application, its pretty dense compared to their powder brush and its very soft. I bought this alone for around $5.99 I think, but you can also purchase it in a set with the other brushes for $9.99 at Target or Rite Aid. I recommend you check out all the other Ecotools brushes.

3) E.L.F Studio Blush Brush: E.L.F says its a blush brush but I use it as a highlighter because its small enough to apply it under my eye area. I bought this for $3.00 at E.L.F website.

4) Essence of Beauty Foundation/Concealer Duo: This came with a set with the other brush duos but this brush is my most favorite, I use it for everything, applying concealer, cream blushes or cream highlighter. I love how the small end I use to pick up the product and the larger end I use to blend. This brush including the other set was around $12.99 at CVS, unfortunately you can't buy this brush alone for cheaper price...

5) E.L.F Studio Powder Brush: This brush is amazing, I use it to apply mineral/powder foundation if I want heavy coverage, its densely packed, very soft and haven't shed since I got it last year! I already have another backup of this because its that great lol I highly highly recommend you purchase this brush if you haven't at E.L.F's website!

All brushes mention in this review is purchase by my own money. Any opinions that I may have expressed in this post are from my own personal experience with the products. I have no affiliation with these companies that makes it and did not receive money mentioning or using it. Visit my FAQ & Disclaimer page for more info.

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