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Monday, November 30, 2009

bummer :[

Today is Cyber Monday which is like Black Friday but for online stores only and I heard that Tarte is doing a 40% off sale with the code "CYBERMON09" and I was excited because I didn't purchase the Femme Fatale eyeshadow palette when Sephora did a 20% FF sale because I want to wait for the 40% off sale. I knew Tarte website will have this promotion again like last year.

The sad news is ... THE PALETTE IS NOT ON THE SITE!! D:!! I even try type in the palette on their search still no luck, I don't want to purchase the other palettes, the Femme Fatale was the only one I have my eyes on. I don't know why they took the item off the site.

I don't know if I still want to buy the palette at full price in Sephora now when I could of use the coupon today if it was still in the site :[

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