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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shop Makeup Smart

Shop Makeup Smart

We all love a little money saving while we buy cosmetics, as for me I always find ways to buy things affordable for me but things like the recent MAC Hello Kitty Collection I just couldn't resist, I am guilty of buying things in a instant when I hear the word "Limited Edition" which is a bad habit that I need to stop lol. However when it comes to drugstore limited or not I can stop myself to wait till its on sale.

Here are some list I made on ways to bargain shop for either High-End or Low-end, I'll start off with High-End assuming thats what most of you would want to read first :]

High-End Bargains

Stores that sell name brands for cheap
Info: Stores like TJMAXX, ROSS or Marshalls once in a while they have Too Faced, Sugar, Hard Candy, Lancome, Lola and recently I spotted Urban Decay in TJMAXX.
Positive: They usually super cheap
Negative: They don't have testers so people would open the product and swatch it which later ends up in the clearance section. So its sometimes its hard to find a brand new one that hasn't been touch unless if your lucky to be there when they just put them on stock.

Info: usually after Christmas or during black friday online stores like Sephora, MAC, Tarte etc. would have friends and family coupon code. Most of them time you would see these codes swimming around youtube makeup gurus or bloggers.
Positive: Nothing beats going staying home and relaxed while shopping then going out there in the crowd.
Negative: You have to wait during the holidays and it applies online only so shipping cost can be a real pain unless you plan to purchase enough amount to apply free shipping.

Info: Sites like BeautyCrunch.com, ALLCosmeticWholesale.com usually have brand makeup for less cost.
Positive: Sometimes they carry makeup thats discontinue or hard to find.
Negative: Some items once its out of stock then thats it, too late lol

Makeup Shows
Info: Shows like IMATS if you live around L.A. area would sometimes have brand makeup for less like Makeup Forever and it doesn't hurt to try other new brands while you there.
Positive: N/A
Negative: if you live too far or can't get transportation to the show then you're out of luck.

Info: Makeup outlets like Cosmetic Company Outlet (google for location near you) would carry brands like MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder for cheaper price I believe around 30% off original price.
Positive: They carry discontinue items
Negative: Not a wide range of variety and for some locations CCO maybe far.

Low-End/Drugstore Bargains

BOGO (Buy on get one free offers)
Info: Stores like CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens tend to have BOGO sales every week so do check the sales ad every sunday.
Positive: N/A
Negative: They have limits of how many you can buy but seriously you can go back to the store later on to purchase again.

Info: sites like buymebeauty.com and cosmeticsandmore.com carries discount drugstore makeup. Also NYX makeup, sites like CherryCulture.com or nonpareilboutique.com carries them for much cheaper price rather from NYX actual company sites.
Positive: They carry discontinue products
Negative: Shipping cost unless you purchase enough amount to apply free shipping.

Info: places like Big Lots carry discount makeup
Negative: N/A
Positive: N/A

Info: If you check the coupon section on Sunday ads sometimes they have coupons on L'oreal, Maybelline or Max Factor
Positive: Sometimes you can use these coupons during BOGO sales, a bonus money saving!
Negative: Some coupons applies for certain items like Mascara only or Eyeliner only.

Thats all I can think of, if you think you have more ideas please drop it in my comment box and i'll add it to this list and give you credit!

Thanks for reading!

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