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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jessie's Girl Haul

Jessie's girl haul/review

Where to buy: Rite Aid or Jessie's Girl website

Their $4.99usd each, cheap!

I'm trying to be good to myself and not spend my money on the new Mac collections thats out right now so I took my urges to buy cheaper makeup and found Jessie's Girl products and i'm really impressed with these!

To see a bigger version click on the images.

Their eyeshadow quad with the pink bling on the cover "Bejeweled Eyeshadow Quad" caught my eye the most, the pretty packaging made me want it!!! the pigmentation is pretty good only with a eyeshadow base or when apply wet. They have a total of 4 quads but I only got two since I don't have some of those colors.

Then when I saw these...

(bottom is apply wet, top is nothing)
I instantly thought of The new Mac collection "Electro Flash" Mineralize Eye Shadow Clicky
I don't own the Mac ones so I can't compare the products but I have swap them when I went to check them out, some of them are pigmented and some where sheer. I was seriously going to buy two colors from the collection but I force myself to not to. So when I saw the Jessie's Girl version of it they called it "Color my World" I got excited they come with four colors but I only got three, I left out the brown one since I have too many brown shadows. These shadows are just as good and i'm happy I didn't spend so much money on the Mac ones!

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