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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iron wrinkles

Unwrinkled a shirt using a hair straightener

So I was reading "Self" magazine and they mention this great tip where you can iron the winkles of your shirt using a hair straightener so I went and tried it and it works! Don't expect it to drastically unwrinkled a whole shirt like regular clothes iron would, this is only works for little areas.

I test this out on my blouse with ruffles, don't you hate when they curl and crunch up after washing it?

Get your hair straightener, I use conair which you can get it at any drugstores and its cheap. Set the heat the highest (if its silk or sheer type don't set it up too high) and start from the top and down slowly. Its much easier if you did it with the shirt hang up somewhere.

NOTE: This is only tested on the ruffles of this shirt.



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