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Saturday, October 6, 2007

FAQ & Disclaimer

Why can't you post your makeup collection?: Because I have a massive collection and if I show it I don't want people to get the impression that I'm bragging, plus I feel ashamed having so much makeup when I don't really need it :< I'm one of those people who get this excitement when I purchase a new beauty item lol

What is your favorite makeup item?: Eyeliner, if I had to choose one item it definitly has to be eyeliner because it can change your eye shape drastically whether you have small or tired eyes.

Where do you shop for makeup?: Anywhere where I can get my hands on them, from Target, sephora to the Internet etc.

Why can't you do hair tutorials?: Because I'm not good with hair seriously every morning when I get up I do nothing to my hair except just combing it :p

Will you ever do a youtube video?: I do have a youtube video but its in slideshow, I'm working on doing a live video tutorial very soon. Visit my channel youtube.com/yunabeauty

What is your favorite Drugstore brands?: This is very hard but I would have to say Revlon because I like most of their products

What is your makeup budget?: I usually spend my money on makeup that is on sale, BOGO sales or holiday sets.

You buy so much makeup and clothes, are rich?!: No I'm not, I work in a minimum wage retail store, I try to budget my spending every week.

Disclaimer: most products mention in reviews or used in tutorials are purchase by me or otherwise mention on the end of the post. Please note that any raved review products I've made don't mean it will work for your skin or everyone else after all we're all different :]


Bob said...

Do you have a YouTube account?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I think your very talented in using eyeshadow especially, and even though my eyes look completely different to yours, you've still taught me a lot. (Up until a few weeks ago I only owned 1 colour of eyeshadow- a horrible light pink, now I have bought some more and learned to use it effectively). You seem to have a lot of makeup, but I don't think your bragging, it shows your serious and devoted. I think it's impressive that you've saved enough money, with your job so you can buy. Keep up the great work and I think if you had a YouTube account it would be watched, but the step by step photos that you post are really helpful. PS. I've never met you but you seem like a really nice, sweet person. :)

Yuna said...

To Anonymous: Thank you so much, your message means a lot to me :] you are so nice, I'm glad I offer a lot of help to you, that really brightens my day <3